Research Publications Seminar Links with industry People
Research Publications Seminar Links with industry People

Poster SOLACE Semester 📣 Thematic semester in June–December 2024: More information on the semester's webpage!

The Stochastic Control and Learning for Complex Networks (SOLACE) team is located in Toulouse, France. Our goal is to make methodological contributions to stochastic operations research, artificial intelligence, and machine learning by resorting to mathematical analysis (using tools like asymptotic analysis, game theory, Markov decision processes, and stochastic modelling). Applications of our work include communication systems, road-traffic networks, biological/population networks, and social networks.

Our main research themes are:

📣 Openings for Ph.D.'s and Postdocs: We often have openings for Ph.D. and Postdoc positions at the laboratories LAAS and IRIT located in Toulouse, France. If you are interested, please contact the members of the SOLACE team.

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